Wellness begins at home!

Heart of Sussex Wellness Expo 2015

We hope you enjoyed the Heart of Sussex Health and Wellness Expo 2015 – what a cracking night!

We were delighted to sponsor the event, and if you weren’t lucky enough to win our One-Day Design Workshop raffle prize, you will have hopefully collected your £100 discount voucher in your goody bag!

What is a Design Workshop?

Our architect-led Design Workshops are the first step to solving your space problems and turning your house into your home.  Each workshop comprises total of either four, or seven hours of one-to-one consultancy with one of our experienced residential architects.  Each session is tailored to suit your individual requirements to best progress your project, but it will typically include:

  • discussing your needs and getting to know you – key to a successful bespoke project
  • reviewing the house and its facilities and assessing scope for improvement
  • taking measurements and preparing outline base plans of your home
  • preparing sketch proposals outlining different approaches to meeting your needs
  • providing information on permitted development, planning permission and budget cost advice

The precise mix of tasks and the scope of the project will dictate how much time is spent with you at home, and whether we will need to spend some time completing the information back at our studio with the benefit of our library resources and facilities.  We’ll agree this with you and advise on the most appropriate approach.

The purpose of the session is to Define the project brief and generate some Design responses which can be tested against budget cost and planning feasibility factors.  The workshop activities fall within Stage 1 of our four stage process.  Further Development, Documentation and Detail is required to Deliver the project in its built form.  Find out more about our project journey and the D‘s.

What happens afterwards?

We’ll collate our sketches, notes, budget cost plans and any other supporting material produced for you and forward it to you in a report format for you to keep.  You may wish to progress the project as many of our clients do, and we’ll happily talk you through how we can help you do this, but there’s no ongoing obligation on your part if you have a change of heart.

What does it cost?

A Half-Day Workshop is £550 and a One-Day Workshop is £950, both including VAT.  Your voucher reduces the investment to £450 and £850 respectively.  If you’re thinking about booking soon and want to secure a One-Day Workshop, our New Year:New Space initiative offers even better value for sessions booked before the end of January.

Please call us with any questions or for more information on 01444 831800.