Sound tests passed with flying colours!

Today marked an exciting step towards the completion of our studio flat project above Kieron James Toys in Lindfield High Street as the sound insulation testing was completed with great results! 

All new dwellings must meet stringent regulations relating to the passage of sound to ensure comfortable living conditions.  A key part of demonstrating compliance is sound testing, which is carried out by Government-certified specialist consultants.

Tests for both airborne and impact sound transmission were carried out; the first utilising a large loudspeaker generating ‘pink’ noise across many frequencies at a volume similar to that of a nightclub!  Measurements were taken in both of the adjoining properties to judge how well the wall construction resisted the passage of sound.  Finally, a motorised hammer system was employed to ‘drum’ the new floor at a frenetic pace.  Further readings were taken in the shop below to assess the resistance to this impact sound.

Input from specialist consultants Hann Tucker during the early design stages and careful attention to detail by Badger Construction during construction ensured that the building not only met the Building Regulations standards, it exceeded them by a large margin.  Results indicate that the building achieved 63db of sound reduction through the walls where 43db was required!

Safe in the knowledge that the structure performs as it should, the contractor hopes to bring the final finishing to a swift conclusion so that the new residents can enjoy their quiet new home!