Planning consent granted for new house in Ardingly

Posted By Jon Sewell-Rutter

Aug 15th, 2015

July bought with it planning approval and the end to a rather protracted planning saga as consent was granted for a new four bedroom home in Ardingly.

New house in Ardingly, West Sussex

Dwell identified the potential site earlier this year after clients Ben and Katie Rogers approached the practice seeking improvements to their home to increase its value, with a view to re-sale as a stepping-stone to their final ‘lifetime home’ for their young family.  Their large garden and corner site meant that a new separate road access could be formed, and with careful attention to the sloping site levels, part of the garden set aside for another dwelling.

Concept sketches were presented to MSDC for pre-application advice, and whilst the Council found the principle of development appropriate, they were insistent that the site would only accommodate a chalet bungalow, rather than a conventional two-storey house, on the grounds of adversely affecting neighbouring properties.

Nevertheless, the team at Dwell remained convinced that a two-storey house was a practical and reasonable proposal.  However, following several objections from local neighbours and the Parish Council the first planning application for a two-storey dwelling was withdrawn for the clients’ fear of refusal, the Council being seemingly unmovable on their bungalow position.  Dwell recommended that a second application with minor amendments to the full two-storey scheme was made.

To present the best case from the outset, Dwell prepared extensive drawings of the site context, including street scene elevations illustrating the gradient of the road, garden, and heights of neighbouring buildings to show how comfortably the larger house would sit on the site.  Following extensive negotiations, and conclusion of a Section 106 legal agreement for financial contribution to support local services, Mid Sussex District Council approved the proposal on the case officer’s recommendation stating:

“…it is considered that the principle of developing a house in this location accords with policy H3 of the MSLP and policies ARD1, ARD2 and ARD3 of the NP.  It is considered that the design of the proposed house is acceptable and complies with policy B1 of the MSLP, policies ARD3 and ARD5 of the Ardingly Neighbourhood Plan, policy DP24 of the draft District Plan and paragraph 53 and the general provisions of the NPPF.  It is not felt that there would be a significant impact on the amenities of the occupiers of neighbouring properties or that there would be a highway safety issue arising from the application.”

The approval gives the garden plot significant financial value, and much greater than could be realised by altering and extending the existing house, greatly helping Ben and Katie’s quest for their new home without the inconvenience or dust involved with a domestic building project!

The plot with consent is now available for purchase and interested parties should contact Dwell in the first instance.