Modern living meets mid-century home

Mount Close

Pound Hill, Crawley

Arts and Crafts meets modern living as Dwell was commissioned to extend this detached house in Pound Hill, Crawley.

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The project brief called for a scheme which would integrate a large garage and utility room, and provide enlarged dining space and garden room with unfettered views into the established landscaped garden.  Upstairs, a master bedroom suite would be formed, together with an additional double bedroom and a smaller nursery for the couples’ visiting grandchildren.

Working intuitively with the site levels, the new garden room features very generous ceiling height allowing tall windows with traditional mullions and transoms to wrap around the corner and provide open views across the garden.  A niche breakfast area was formed, complete with corner window allowing carefully controlled views into one part of the garden whilst seated only, whilst the main dining space offers elevated views across the garden room, unimpaired by interior furnishings at the lower level.

Externally, the design cues are taken from the existing building which sits within an Area of Special Environmental Quality.  Planning constraints limited design flexibility particularly in relation to the front elevation in order to ensure that any development sat comfortably within this sensitive context.  Negotiation with the Local Planning Authority, Crawley Borough Council, was required to secure the necessary planning consent, and Dwell’s robust case leveraged existing permitted development rights to great effect.

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