Life’s a beach…

Posted By Jon Sewell-Rutter

Jun 4th, 2019

We love a challenge, and this project presented them in spades! 

Believe it or not, this unashamedly contemporary scheme is an extension to a mid-century chalet bungalow on the Shoreham foreshore, in West Sussex.  The area is a bit of an architect’s playground and Dwell was pleased to be invited to add their own touch!

By removing the existing pitched roof and dormers and substituting them for a new timber-framed structure, Dwell was able to offer greatly improved living spaces.  Internally, the accommodation was turned upside-down, placing all bedrooms except the master suite on the ground floor.  This made good use of the existing cellular rooms, and offered larger vaulted living spaces at first floor level, with uninterrupted sea views.  A central stair tower splits the private master suite from the more public kitchen and living space, with an internal mezzanine connecting them.

The beach elevation of the property is key.  Two balconies on the southern elevation serve the master suite and open-plan kitchen/living space.  A secret third floor crow’s nest sun deck is accessed via a spiral stair tower and bridge link, suitably-dressed to offer privacy to neighbouring gardens.

Despite initial resistance from the planning department at Adur and Worthing District Council, Dwell successfully negotiated consent, robustly countering many of the issues identified and making only trivial alterations to the scheme to gain approval.

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