Garden Pavilion

Garden Pavilion

Guildford, Surrey

Dwell developed this unique garden room to meet and exploit ‘permitted development’ criteria for garden outbuildings, with the aim of simplifying the process by circumventing the need to apply for planning permission.

Garden PavilionInspired as a contrast to a very formal contemporary but angular garden landscaping scheme, this garden pavilion was developed from a proposal originally tabled by the landscape designer to use a pre-fabricated corrugated iron WW1 ‘Nissen Hut’ style shed which they proposed to attach a green sedum roof to.  With concerns about the suitability of this off-the-shelf
kit, and not least the eco roof sliding down the slope, this proposal was conceived to offer a complementary and softer alternative space in a quiet corner of the garden, nestled amongst a sparse copse of saplings.

A multi-purpose work and leisure space is housed beneath the drum roof, which is constructed from a series of curved timber ‘glulam’ beams, with carefully-designedslats to retain the  sedum green roof blanket.  Pre-fabricated concrete foundation pads lift the structure above the ground to ensure minimal impact on the nearby tree roots, and eliminate the costly excavation and groundworks associated with traditional concrete footings.

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